Alexa is a graduate of the Music Education Program at the University of Toronto, and member of the Kindred Spirits Orchestra in Markham, Ontario. Alexa is also a frequent performer with other orchestras and ensembles. Previously, Alexa played with Richmond Hill Philharmonic Orchestra in its inaugural year. She has also worked as a solo flautist with choirs such as Cantabile Chorale of York Region and various church choirs. As well as flute, Alexa is also as a performer on piccolo and alto flutes.

Alexa has taught flute and theory students through music schools in the GTA as well as in one-on-one instruction in homes. She has successfully prepared students for countless Royal Conservatory of Music practical exams, from beginner to advanced, including gold medal winners!

Music is capable of building community, instilling confidence in players, and touching people in a most elemental way. Alexa is grateful for the role that music has played in her life and is eager to pass that gift along.

Alexa can be reached at info@alexaball.ca.

“Music does bring people together.
It allows us to experience the same emotions.
People everywhere are the same in heart and spirit.
No matter what language we speak, what color we are,
the form of our politics or the expression of our love and our faith,
music proves: We are the same.”
~ John Denver ~